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    Working day:+86-411-82531890
    Nonworking day:400-655-7977

    RHITL was established in April 2005 as a joint venture logistics company approved by Ministry of Commerce with qualifications of international freight forwarding and logistics business.

    RHITL is certified with ISO9001 and AEO,CATA and NVOCC,also owns truck fleet, bonded warehouse, Customs and CIQ brokerage team. RHITL is one of the leading logistics enterprises in China and ranked as one of “Top 100 of China International Forwarding and Logistics Enterprises”, “Top 50 of China Airfreight Forwarders” and “Top 10 of Dalian International Forwarding and Logistics Enterprises” in consecutive years.

    The HQ is located in Dalian, the largest port in northeast China with operation centers at Dalian International Airport, Logistics Park and Dayaowan Port. RHITL has also set up 7 branches in major ports of China, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Changchun.RHITL has a perfect global agent network covering major ports and airports all over the world. 

    Based on the thorough domestic and international network, Rhitl is committed to providing customers with a full range of logistic solutions including air and sea import and export, International multimodal transport, domestic transportation, bonded and non bonded warehousing distribution, import and export customs clearance, etc. Rhitl has rich experience and leading industry competitive advantage in imported transportation of car, high-speed rail, urban rail, shipbuilding and other industries of equipment and spare parts.

    With the advantage of network, talents,fund and professional experience,Rhitl provides customized logistics solutions to customers. Rhitl has been the important logistics supplier for many large state-owned and foreign production-oriented enterprises, import and export trade enterprises, as well as many products manufacturing enterprises.

    Adhering the service concept of ‘Create value for customers, Rhitl is committed to providing customers with fast, safe, convenient and economic the logistics services.

    RHITL your reliable logistics partner!

    We are sincerely looking forward to the cooperation and mutual development with you!

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